Chicago's Original Cidery

"Boy meets girl. Boy makes cider to woo girl. Now he's right beside her. Right Bee Cider."


Charlie Davis and Katie Morgan met in Chicago in 2011. After noticing her affinity for hard cider, he used his passion for fermentation and professional experience as a brewer to make her a hard cider for her birthday. His efforts to woo her were successful, and the rest is history.

Today, the we're married, and operate Chicago's first craft cidery. Right Bee Cider officially launched in 2014, six months after their wedding, and after two years of planning and preparation.

We're the only two people in their company, and have worked tirelessly to bring Chicagoans the best cider possible. We create, package, and distribute the cider themselves, as well as hand paint tap handles, load their equipment, and everything in-between. It's truly a labor of love. 

We are passionate about the art of cider-making, made by hand with natural ingredients, sustainable practices. Our cider brought us together, and we hope it continues to bring others together as well.